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Great Book, Terrible Platform, Use Audible

I got this audiobook thinking it was by Audible. The book is wonderful. This platform has some serious glitches that need work. Audible books pick up right where you left off, with this app, when you get out of your car or press pause or stop listening for whatever reason, when you go back it starts over. So I have to memorize where I left off and then when I fast forward to that part of the chapter, when my screen locks the audio stops and when I press play the chapter starts over. What I figured out is once I stop listening I have to memorize where I left off, close the app and reopen it, then fast forward to where I left off. It has made this beautiful book frustrating and I have put off listening to it plenty of times because of the hassle I have to go through to get to where I left off. With Audible it knows exactly where you left off. Major oversight on the people who made this app. I wanted to ask for my money back but didn’t know where to look. So I’m leaving this review so you can better enjoy the book. Please please please don’t use this app.

Amazing Story

I have read this book and listened to it three times now. And I cry every time. Knowing all the mistakes does not define me; I'm defined by how much God loves me. I encourage everyone to listen to the book. If you already have, listen to it again. You'll get more out of the story and message the more you hear it. Those who have ears to hear, listen!

Love this book

I absolutely love this book. Amazing story.

Resonates with me!

Having moved away from 'religion' and toward 'spirituality', this book touches every question I have had. I choose to ignore the dogma of organized religion and just know that God loves me unconditionally in spite of ALL my shortcomings.

The Shack

Amazing deep story. Enjoyed it until the end. Paul Young's great work. Thank you for giving the idea of imagining God differently. So truly touched

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